Grante 100% Pomegranate juice

The history of Azerbaijan is inextricably connected with the culture of cultivating pomegranate, which dates back centuries. It is a southern country with a unique climate, in which one can distinguish as many as nine zones with different climatic conditions. Perhaps, it is due to this climatic diversity that almost all pomegranate varieties are cultivated in Azerbaijan.

Annually, over 40 thousand tons of pomegranates are harvested in Goychay district

Brand Grante


We guarantee that our products are free from any chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

Its name comes from the English word “GRANT”. The principle of Grante brand is to produce natural juice with maximum possible preservation of vitamins and nutrients.

The assortment of juices on shelves in supermarkets is huge but not all of them are equally useful and good. Literally everything affects the quality of finished juice:

  • Place of fruit cultivation
  • Purification, and plant equipment level
  • Quality control at the production stages,
  • Packaging type
  • Pasteurization method
  • Manufacturer’s experience and history.

Grante 100% Pomegranate juice

Grante was one of the first to produce pomegranate juice not from concentrate.
Natural pomegranate juice Grante is produced from pomegranates from our own plantations located in a unique place in terms of environmental conditions and microclimate — Goychay district of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Beneficial features of pomegranates

The pomegranate is not only a tasty fruit but also a whole vitamin and mineral complex. The key features of pomegranate fruit include high contents of carbohydrates (sugars), organic acids and polyphenols.

Pomegranate contains a high percentage of thiamin (vitamin В1), riboflavin (B) and P-vitamin active substances, 15 different amino acids, including 6 essential ones (methionine, lysine, valine, leucine, etc.).

Grante – Organic pomegranate seed oil

The 100% natural pomegranate oil is extracted from pomegranate seeds by the most advanced СО2 extraction technology.

Pomegranate seed oil posesses powerful antioxidant properties, provides beauty and health benefits and it is rich in punicic acid. Scientific studies have shown that punicic acid boosts the immune system and helps conquer cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

Grante – Pomegranate Sause

A sauce made from the juice of high-quality cultivated or wild Azerbaijani pomegranates. Does not contain preservatives, colorants or thickeners, and is a Kosher product.

Narsharab Pomegranate Sauce is an excellent complement to salads and meat and fish dishes.